We invite you to spend unforgettable moments in the company of loved ones, in the guest house in Mazury region, situated in the village of Chelmzyca, in the municipality of Susz. The Sanna Ranch offers 9 fully equipped rooms. Each of them has its own bathroom.

Our property is also the place, where you will actively spend your leisure time. Thanks to its location among picturesque meadows, fields and forests, as well as the infrastructure created especially for our guests, the time spend with us will be remembered for a long time.



The pride of our ranch is horses. Their gentle character and faith in people will make you love them and overcome all the fears. Our animals will certainly contribute to the better contact with nature. If, however, you do not feel strong enough to fully enjoy riding in the saddle, we will prepare for you a comfortable chaise in which you can travel and enjoy the scenic landscapes of the region of Susz.





For guests who appreciate active recreation, we provide access to recreational equipment, bicycles and boat. Anyone can take advantage of a beautiful, sandy beach. We have also prepared a place for the evening feast and bonfire. For youngest guests, we offer a place to play outdoor, as well as the trampoline.



After an active day, we particularly invite you to visit our wellness center, where our guests can relax in Jacuzzi or sauna. We also have a small library for guests who appreciate evenings with a book. And all those who still do not have enough activity, we invite to a special place with recreational equipment, where they can keep fit and train.



We cordially invite you to our ranch and wish you a happy holiday.